At Downtown Women OB/GYN, we offer a full range of surgical options to meet each patient’s individual needs.  Many surgical procedures, such as D&Cs and LEEP procedures, may be done in our office.  Sedation is always offered.  Minimally invasive surgical procedures such as laparoscopies are always considered whenever possible, as well as non-surgical alternatives.

For procedures in which hospitalization is recommended or necessary, our doctors perform a full range of gynecologic surgeries at Tisch Hospital at New York University Langone Medical Center.   As one of the premier medical centers in the country, we feel fortunate in our affiliation with the institution and its incomparable staff of health care professionals.  We have the highest regard for the hospital’s excellent anesthesiology and nursing staff.

Our surgical coordinator works directly with the hospital to schedule your procedure in a time frame that best fits your own schedule and your doctor’s recommendations.  Our billing staff will handle insurance issues and pre-authorizations.  We hope to make your surgical experience as seamless as possible.